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The Church of Pentecost - The Original - Of Water and Spirit

Exploring Gods Word Home Bible Studies
This is one of the greatest home bible studies I have seen. 12 lessons covering the major highlights of the old testament and new testament, AND how they intertwine perfectly. After these lessons you will have doubt that the bible IS the Word of God....

These are called home bible studies for a reason and they are best in person. If you would like to study these with and teacher from our assembly please contact me at 813.358.8588. Otherwise, please listen to these and learn great Truths from God's Holy word!

Exploring God's word Lesson 1
The structure of the old testament, dispensations, creation and the fall of man.

Exploring God's word Lesson 2
Post the fall, Cain and Abel, generations to Noah, the flood and it's meaning today.

Exploring God's word Lesson 3
Coming soon - The Tower of Babel, the call of Abraham and the trials of Joseph
check back soon

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