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The Church of Pentecost - The Original - Of Water and Spirit
Help Us Buy Our Property!

We are excited to be at the point of purchasing our property. Once purchased, remodeling will be done to increase seating capacity, add room space for classes and long term a family life center with a gymnasium and extra classroom space. 

Eventually, with your support, we will grow our tutoring services into a school resource for all students and in particular home schooled students. 

God bless!
Pastor Pfohl

Join us in your prayers and support as we continue to impact the 
Town and Country Area!

Online giving and donations 
If you would like to assist us in reaching our world with the life changing message of the gospel just click on the donate button. 

You can designate your donation to go to one of the following funds that Church of Pentecost operates
- Tithes
- General Offerings
- Building Fund
- Missions
- Youth 
- Van Routes

To designate your donation to go to one of the specific funds mentioned above you can follow instructions below.

When you click the donate button and you see the name Church of Pentecost under the Purpose section of PayPal, you will need to click on "Add special instructions to recipients".  In this text box, you can designate what your donation should be used for, if none is given the donation will go into the General Offering Fund.

**Depending on your bank you may be charged a processing fee for your giving**

Your generosity is greatly appreciated. 

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